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Inventory and ordering management software designed for beverage programs.

Bar managers, beverage directors, and restaurant owners have unique needs when it comes to efficiently managing beverage programs. Evergreen Point of Sale offers a cloud-based solution, BevSpot, that helps you streamline bar management to save time and position your business for growth. Designed specifically for bar inventory and ordering management, BevSpot helps you and your team work faster and smarter. Easily integrated with our POS software, you’ll quickly be able to dig deeper into sales performance and better understand pour costs for all your menu items. Spend less time calculating your beverage metrics and more time making business decisions that will lead to higher profits with BevSpot.

Benefits Section


Access BevSpot on your favorite device from any browser with the web-based app, anytime, anywhere.


Smart Cart streamlines ordering and inventory processes by making recommendations based on usage and adding your placed orders to inventory.

Cloud Hosted

Work collaboratively through cloud hosting that allows multiple team members to count simultaneously saving your business time and money.

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Top Features

Beverage programs of all sizes can benefit from BevSpot’s features:

Fast Inventory Counting: Web-based application accessible from your mobile device with graphical bottle slider feature for quick “tenthing” and input calculator for faster inputs.

Built for Teams: Allow multiple users to count at the same time from separate devices and easily share work, accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Single and Multilocation Management: Manage a single neighborhood bar or multiple restaurant or hotel bar locations across a geographical area.

Smart Ordering and Online Record-Keeping: Spend less time doing paperwork by automating orders and storing invoices and delivery receipts securely in the cloud.

Local Support: Support 7 days a week through text, phone, or email directly to a customer success representative.

Added Value: Grow Your Profits

Smart inventory management for beverage programs starts with a good foundation which builds faster ROI and more revenue for your business. BevSpot simplifies the time-consuming processes that are vital to making the business decisions that will optimize ordering, pricing, and profits. Start a free trial today, and see at no cost how the numbers add up.

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