Integrated Online Ordering for Dinerware

In today’s world, restaurants are expected to have a user-friendly, efficient ordering system. With so many dining options available to customers, food quality becomes only one of several factors in customers’ decisions. Restaurants are now competing for ordering experience as much as they are with food quality and cost. A poor quality online ordering system can have a significant impact on customer experience. It can result in lost potential customers, a lower retention rate, and a lower spend per order.

We’re excited to be partnered with ToGo Technologies who is offering a steamlined all encompassing solution which integrates directly with your Dinerware Point of Sale system. Orders and payments are completed directly on your personalized online ordering site then tickets are sent to the Dinerware System and print directly on your Kitchen printer.

Why ToGo Technologies?

Simple to Use

ToGo is a restaurant e-commerce platform that enables customers to order directly from your custom mobile app or website. It’s incredibly powerful, and amazingly simple to use.

Seamless Integration

ToGo seamlessly integrates into your POS, KDS, loyalty, processor, gift card, campus card and customer engagement software.
Accurate every time.

Customer Convenience

ToGo is about creating beautiful, easy-to-use, deeply engaging restaurant e-commerce experiences that delight guests and operators and drive real value to the P&L.

More ROI

With an average check lift of 18%-30%, ToGo’s partners see the results not only in their bottom line but also in their guest and operational experiences.
Return the revenue to your pocket.

End to End Product Overview