Free scheduling software for businesses with hourly employees

Build the work schedule in minutes and manage changes easily. On web and mobile with Open SimSim.

What Managers Love:

  • Reduce scheduling time using templates and recent shifts.
  • Communicate schedules to your employees in real-time.
  • See available replacements for sick or no-show employees.
  • Collaborate with employees and other managers at anytime from anywhere.
  • Compare your labor costs to forecasted sales.
  • Schedule across multiple locations.
  • Manage employee time off and shift swap requests.
  • Access your schedules from any device at any time.

What employees love:

  • Receive schedules in real-time on any device.
  • Employees can easily swap shifts with co-workers.
  • Easily communicate their availability.
  • Submit requests for time-off.
  • Pick up extra shift opportunities.
  • See who else is scheduled for the day.
  • Collaborate with employers from anywhere.
  • Simplified workplace communication, all in one platform.
  • Employees can clock in from their phone or tablet onsite with the GPS time clock.

What else does it do?

Employee Scheduling

Schedule faster and smarter

Make an error-free work schedule in minutes. Share it in one click. Availability and time off in one place. Manage changes easily from the mobile app.

Mobile Scheduling

Manage the schedule on the go

Free mobile apps for iOS and Android. Build the schedule and makes changes to it anywhere, anytime. Get notified of shift swaps, drops and more.

Text Messaging

Communicate more efficiently

Private and group messaging. Employees get schedule updates instantly and mobile notifications for upcoming shifts. No more texts and emails.

Scheduling Notifications

Improve accountability

Share schedules via text and email. Automatically remind employees before their shift starts. Instantly notify employees of schedule changes.

With Open Sim Sim you’ll get all these features and SO much more!


  • Prevent early employee clock in.
  • Record the actual time your employees work.
  • Prevent buddy clock in with photo ID.
  • Help maintain labor law compliance.
  • GPS mobile clock in.


  • Compare worked hours to scheduled hours.
  • Generate TimeSheets summary report.
  • Adjust TimeSheets from anywhere on any device.
  • Easily edit live TimeSheets in live time.
  • Export TimeSheets data to payroll.


  • Automatic break allocation.
  • Certification tracking.
  • Real-time labor cost analysis.
  • Overtime warnings.
  • Unlimited schedule history.
  • Advanced sales forecasting.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Break management.