Dinerware Point of Sale

Modern technology. Easy to use interface design. Graceful handling of peak business hours.

Dinerware POS software is a proven solution that is easy-to-use, cost-effective, and scalable to your business needs. Offering exactly the right feature set for small to midsize restaurants, quick serve and fast-casual cafes, bars and nightclubs, Dinerware allows you to focus on the customer, not managing technology. Dinerware delivers the reliability your business depends on, while allowing you the flexibility to customize the solution to meet your business needs.

Benefits Section


Spend more time focused on serving your guests and less time in front of the POS.


Instant access to sales and labor data, and the ability to make changes on-demand from any terminal.


Modern software architecture that can withstand the rigors of fast-paced, high-volume restaurants.

Evergreen's gift and loyalty solutions are easily integrated into a point of sale, as shown on a POS terminal screen.

Top Features:

Dinerware POS has an intuitive interface that allows you to spend less time managing the business and empowers your employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Ticket Management: Quickly and easily share items among seat numbers, order another round of drinks, split checks, and make multiple payments.

All Manager Functions On-Demand from Any Terminal: Keep your management staff on the floor and out of the back office.

Surcharge, Service Charge, Auto-Gratuity, Tips: Features that help you comply with current labor laws.

Discounts: Customize discounts to meet your unique needs, including defining rules for promotions that occur during specific hours, days, or weeks.

Table Transfers: Quickly re-seat a party at another table for easy shift changes or busy periods.

Other Features:

  • Works with your preferred credit card provider.

Added Value: Customer Smart Search

With Dinerware POS, your employees will have an array of features at their fingertips that help them get the job done productively, profitably, and with exceptional customer service. Use the Customer Smart Search feature to look up any customer and view a menu of their favorite items. Your customers will delight in the ability of your team to recall and order their favorites instantly. Explore how Dinerware’s features meet the customized needs of your restaurant today.