Innovative Guest Engagement App

Heartland Restaurant Gives the opportunity to Engage with Customers and Foster Loyalty

With Heartland’s guest engagement app, you can easily connect with customers and provide them with superior customer experiences that encourage repeat business. With multiple rankings for loyalty rewards, convenient features that let guests have more control, and marketing tools that bring in additional revenue, this integrated guest engagement app is an ideal solution for businesses looking to grow.


Allow customers to accrue, view, and redeem loyalty rewards points using their smart devices.


Automatically greet and market to customers who have the app installed on their phones.


Give guests the ability to skip the line and scan to pay when they download the guest engagement app.

Learn what this Guest Engagement App Can Do for Your Business

Advantages of the Guest Engagement App

Order History

Every receipt scanned by the Heartland Restaurant guest engagement app as well as any order tied to a customer’s phone number is permanently stored and available to view inside the app. Now your guests will never lose track of their receipts.


Guests earn loyalty points every time they buy from a participating restaurant, with accumulated points turning into rewards as point goals are met. Customers rank up form Bronze to Silver to Gold the more they spend, and a higher rank means more valuable rewards!


Using iBeacon technology, a Heartland Restaurant POS system will automatically greet and market directly to customers who have installed the Heartland Restaurant guest engagement app on their phone when they are in very close proximity to each other.

Scan for Points

Most loyalty systems require guests to go out of their way to be part of their favorite restaurants’ loyalty programs. Heartland Restaurants Scan for Points makes earning points simple by putting the QR Code on their transaction receipt as a reminder that points are available with a simple scan. No more cards or hole punches cluttering up your point of sale station. It’s as easy as snapping a picture of your receipt. Done.

Scan to Pay

Give your table service guests the power to take control of their restaurant checkout experience with Scan to Pay. Each guest check contains a printed QR code which when scanned from inside the Heartland Restaurant iOS or Android app, allows guests to quickly and securely pay their bill. The app allows one touch tipping and securely stores credit card tokens for future payments.

Skip the Line

Let counter service guests place their order from their phone in 15 seconds! Heartland Restaurant uses iBeacon technology to alert guests when they enter a participating restaurant, inviting them to skip the line. App users can create an order from scratch. Or better yet, reorder a previous order and have it instantaneously injected into the POS system and sent to the kitchen for preparation.

Innovative Features that Drive Loyalty

  • Scan for Points—Add a QR code to guest transactions receipts and guests can scan them to earn loyalty rewards points.
  • Skip the Line—Give counter service guests the option to place orders from their phones in seconds to cut wait times.
  • Scan to Pay—Offer quick and easy ways to pay the bill and leave a tip when receipts are scanned with the app.
  • Referral Program—Referral programs are as old as time, but when you apply them to apps, they can result in more downloads and additional users.
  • App Based Contests—Most people are familiar with the coffee-for-life contest that’s promoted by one of the biggest coffee brands in the world. The contest is entirely app based, with users receiving more chances to play every time they make a purchase—buy more coffee, get more plays.