Heartland Retail Cloud POS

Retail is a cloud-based commerce platform purpose-built for retailers. Designed by retail veterans with over 100 years of collective experience, the software provides merchants with better control over sales and profitability by placing actionable real-time data in the hands of every person who needs it, from the C-Suite to the store floor.

With inventory management, unparalleled custom reporting, open API and portability across platforms and devices, Heartland Retail is easy to use, quick to start and applauded by its users for making their jobs easier.

What sets Heartland Retail apart?

Cloud POS

Empower your team to sell more, profitably.

Choose a user-friendly POS with comprehensive tools to fuel growth. Flexibility is in our DNA: Scale up or down as needed, bring your hardware with you and gain an edge with enterprise-grade mobile POS features: quick item look-up, easy customer creation, split payments and painless returns. All the basics PLUS:

  • Sales rep tracking
  • Multi-store inventory look-up
  • Gift cards, promotions and coupons
  • Real-time sales dashboard

Order Management

Change the game and compete like a retail giant.

Customers expect a seamless shopping experience, so give them one! Access inventory in real time and place orders across all stores, warehouses or online — giving proper credit where it is due. Streamline your management process, ship and fulfill easily with our alerts widget and create special orders when customers are ready to buy.

  • Real-time inventory data across all channels
  • Fulfillment alerts right on your dashboard
  • Easily split orders to multiple fulfillment points

Inventory Management

Delight your customers every day.

The right tools let you manage your inventory efficiently, all while helping to boost your margin and sell-through. Create custom fields to track inventory in any way imaginable, then build custom inventory reports that help you balance your stock across all channels. No more dead or depleted inventory, which ultimately means happy customers!

  • Partial and full inventory counts
  • Transfer management, including discrepancy feature
  • Custom reason codes for adjustments
  • Bin location field for warehouse management

Customer Management

A robust CRM built right into your POS.

Build your retail business one relationship at a time with built-in customer management tools. Add any custom field you want to your customer profile, from “favorite color” to “kids’ names,” and use that data to deliver exceptional personalized experiences. With rich data collected and captured on each transaction, your customer dashboard will tell the story you need to engage personally, giving every customer a reason to share the love.

  • QuickView customer dashboard
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Custom reports to segment marketing
  • Integrations with top loyalty & marketing platforms

Purchasing & Receiving

Give your retail buyers the tools to deliver.

Land the right products, at the right time, for the right price. Build custom reports that allow you to analyze each item’s journey from order through sale, before you even begin buying. Armed with mobile data, meet vendors with the insight to negotiate strategically. Create purchase orders on the fly, saving time and money, and once the items land, get them to the stores efficiently with receiving tools designed to root out errors.

  • Create barcode labels directly from the POS
  • Item grid feature makes entering size runs a breeze
  • Integrate with JOOR & NuORDER
  • Easily process returns to vendor

Metrics & Reporting

Get clarity and let data drive your decisions.

Data is key, and it’s what high performing retailers use to stay agile and responsive to changing market conditions. Detect trends, pivot quickly when things aren’t selling or simply understand your customers like never before. Gather the data that’s right for your business and report on it in any way you want.

  • Real-time data
  • Custom fields and reports
  • User based permissions
  • Easily export to CSV, PDF or share a URL
  • Compare data over time


Integrated payments deliver a seamless experience.

Consumers expect a fast, streamlined and secure payment process, and you need a reliable and cost-effective payment solutions provider. Integrating Heartland Payments with Heartland Retail means you can accept payments online or anywhere in the store—just like your mobile POS—and access funds instantly with rapid authorization and fast funding.

  • Speed up the checkout process and prevent long lines
  • Accept payment anywhere in the store
  • Reduce errors from manual entry
  • Close the day quickly

Here’s a short introduction to the product

Benefits & Features: A closer look

Gain a competitive edge with data-driven insights

• Remain agile and proactive in the face of
dynamic market conditions
• Use custom fields to collect the data most
relevant to your business
• Access up-to-the-minute data from anywhere
on any device

Understand and Manage Inventory like never before

• Know exactly how much you have, how much is
on order and how many dollars you’re sitting on
• Detect trends and pivot quickly when things
aren’t selling
• Delight customers by having the right stock
at the right time in the right place

Inventory & Ordering

• Omnichannel e-commerce integrations
• Multi-channel inventory visibility & order distribution
• Partial and full inventory counts
• Transfer management, including discrepancy feature
• Bin location field for warehouse management
• Fulfillment alerts on dashboard

Assemble a low-cost enterprise-grade retail technology stack

• Integrate with best-of-breed partners in
e-commerce, loyalty and more to build the
best technology stack for your business
• Developer-friendly Open API

Reduced Costs

• Ditch expensive implementation and
annual maintenance costs
• Save on payroll by streamlining
business operations

User Friendly POS

• Reduce training time, IT costs and headaches
• Multi-channel inventory lookup
• Compare sales to plan
• Powerful promotions tools

Built in CRM

• 360-degree view of your customers no matter
where or how they shop
• Loyalty & marketing integrations

Analytics Engine

• Real-time data
• Unlimited custom fields & reports;
export in multiple formats
• User-based permissions
• Compare data at any point in time

Who is Heartland Retail designed for?

Apparel & Accessories



Home & Lifestyle

Beauty & Wellness

Museums & Cultural Centers

Sporting Goods

Pet Stores

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