Boost Sales with Online Ordering

Integrated Online Ordering Promotes Major Growth

Our fully-integrated solution allows merchants to accept online orders directly on their POS. A user – friendly interface styled to fit your brand enables customers to order from anywhere. Mobile Ordering is part of Heartland Restaurant’s powerful features, at no additional cost. Your customers can order directly from your site to eliminate paying middlemen on every order. The solution is efficient and cost effective, with no additional training required.

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Increase average customer spend with automated upselling prompts and smart promotions.

Customer Satisfaction

Cater to customers who may not have the time or ability to dine in by offering this valuable convenience.

Online Presence

Boost your brand’s visibility and make it easier for customers to find your business.

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Why is Online Ordering Important?

Advantages of Online Ordering


Get orders sent straight from the customer to the POS, and from the POS to your kitchen’s display for better communication all around.

No Middleman

Ensure each meal is delivered fast, fresh, and free of order errors when customers input their own orders into the system.

Save Resources

Free up restaurant employees from answering phone lines so they can better focus on providing superior customer experiences.

Mobile Ordering Included

The world of online ordering is evolving at a fast pace. These days, people are using smartphones and tablets much more than desktops and laptops to place orders. This is why responsive, mobile web design is essential for your restaurant. Heartland Restaurant Mobile Ordering works great on both Android and iPhone devices, ensuring no customer is left out.

Reliable Local Service & Support

Count on the local expert support professionals at Evergreen POS to help you find the perfect solution to help you maximize efficiency and minimize costs. We help restaurants in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest overcome their most pressing business challenges and identify solutions that address their unique needs.

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Mobile Phone Ordering

  • Convenient: Give customers the ability to place orders right from their mobile devices and have them sent directly to the POS.
  • Integrated: Mobile ordering integrates seamlessly into your POS to share data across various critical restaurant solutions.
  • Cost-effective: Both online and mobile ordering are included with Heartland Restaurant cloud-based POS at no extra cost to you.
  • Mobile Responsive: 30% of users will abandon a purchase if the online experience isn’t mobile friendly.

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