QR Code Payments

Simple. Fast. Touchless Payments.

With Heartland Restaurant you have the availability to print QR codes directly on your receipts, right out of the box. No more running back and forth between tables trying to remember whos credit card is whos. With Heartland Restaurants QR Code payments the customer can pay the tab directly from their camera phone app using their mobile wallet and the QR Code printed at the bottom of each receipt.  No apps to download, no third party fees to pay just: Scan, Pay & Go. It’s as simple as that! 

Why QR Payments?

  • Safety and Cleanliness – No touching required! The guest can use their own phone without ever touching a surface your staff will need to clean later.

  • Speed and Ease of Use – It’s fast. Opening the camera takes your guests straight to the checkout page with an itemized receipt, and they can pay using their saved payment details!

  • Staff Efficiency – Your staff doesn’t need to be facilitating transactions from table to POS and back again to table. They can use their time to greet new guests or work on other projects that don’t involve carrying credit cards around.

  • More Customer Options – Never a bad thing! Your guests will appreciate the convenience of choosing how to pay, and when to checkout.

  • Lower Overhead – Taking payments normally requires specialized equipment. You don’t have anything to maintain or replace with QR codes on receipts; the guest’s phone is the payment device!