Mobile Manager Reporting for Dinerware

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Performance, Reports, and More.

As a restaurant owner, growing your business is always top of mind, and that means keeping a constant pulse on operations. You need 24/7 access to the critical information from your point of sale (POS) that allows you to make profitable decisions. Evergreen offers restaurant POS reporting solutions through Heartland, that give you the anytime, anywhere access that is necessary to manage your business on your schedule whether you’re on-site or on the go. Whether it’s last minute menu changes and discount adjustments, or pulling key sales and labor statistics no matter the hour you need them, your business will be as close as your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Benefits Section

Increased Mobility

The Dinerware reporting features you trust available anytime, anywhere.

Centralized Access

Whether you operate one or more locations, access your restaurant POS reporting from a single point.

Enhanced Visibility

Receive notifications that alert you to security or operational problems in real-time.

Empower your business with restaurant POS reporting that’s tailored to the modern business.

Real-time Push Technology: Receive push notifications directly to your tablet or mobile device that allow you to monitor events or discover and solve problems quickly.

Access Data: View real-time and past business data securely and without having to remote into your POS.

Generate Reports Automatically: Pull key statistics that give insight into sales performance, labor scheduling, inventory, and more. Predict future activity with the historical comparison feature.

Customized Data Dashboard: Configure your dashboard with colorful charts and graphs that provide instant business visibility.

24/7 Local Support

Sometimes managing your business requires support from a local advisor whose business is making sure your business operates successfully. Day or night, Evergreen Point of Sale is here to make sure that your restaurant’s software and hardware solutions are providing optimal performance. Whether it’s troubleshooting, adding an integration that will enhance operations, or making an upgrade, Evergreen’s years of industry experience and in-person service help you get the most out of your investment.