Employee Time Tracking

POS, Payroll and Time all working in harmony.

It takes a tight-knit team to run a successful restaurant. Shouldn’t business solutions work the same way? Time for Heartland Restaurants combines the forces of Heartland Time, Payroll and Restaurant to simplify your operations. With all your data in the cloud, you and your employees can be connected from anywhere.

Benefits Include:

• Lower administrative costs while also minimizing the risk of human error
• Scale up your business operations with one reliable partner
• Reliable customer service based in the U.S.
• Employees can use the Heartland Time mobile app to view their schedules, time clock punches, PTO balance and more

A Short Tutorial on Heartland Time

Flexible By Design

We’re all in agreement: one-size-fits-all never actually does. That’s why Heartland Time isn’t a one-dimensional solution.

You’ll have smart options for scheduling, integration and time punching. All of them get you to the right end goal: pinpoint accuracy, time saved and slashed administrative costs.

Empower Your People

With the free Heartland Time mobile app, employees have a convenient way to view their schedules, time clock punches and PTO balance from anywhere.

Even better, they can interact: requesting shift swaps or time off. Managers are automatically notified of new requests, and resulting changes are synced in the system and the mobile app.

More Data = Less Stress

As you build shifts, the system automatically calculates your estimated payroll and overtime expenses, giving you a simple way to forecast and manage upcoming costs.

When integrated with Heartland Restaurant, punch data and credit card or cash tips entered in the POS are automatically synced in Heartland Time, saving you time when processing payroll.

Keep It Simple, Sign In

Use a single log-in to access Heartland Time and Payroll — because you’ve already got enough little details to remember.

When integrated with Payroll, employee changes are automatically sent to Heartland Time, keeping the two systems up-to-date and giving you a little extra peace of mind.