Restaurant Reservation Software

Simple Waitlist and Reservation Management for Happy Customers

When your customers are ready to enjoy an evening of dining, the last thing they want to encounter is ambiguous wait times or lost reservations. Heartland’s Guest List is restaurant reservation software that will keep customers satisfied and keep your waitlist organized and accurate. Best of all, Guest List allows reservations to be taken through a number of different platforms so that your restaurant can cater to how your customers like to communicate. Whether reservations are submitted online, on-site, in person, or by phone they are queued into the system in real-time in the order that they were received. For convenience, your guests can be notified via mobile alerts the instant their table is ready.

Benefits Section

Drive Revenue Growth

Turn tables faster and more efficiently increasing your profit potential.

Cost Savings

Avoid bottlenecks, and time spent manually analyzing seating logistics or searching for guests.

Enhanced Visibility

Anytime, anywhere access to enterprise analytics that give visibility into your customer traffic patterns.

Top Features:

Evergreen offers restaurant reservation software that improves efficiency for your front-of-house operations through the following features:

Smart Waitlist: Give your customers an accurate wait time based on the status of your queue and occupied tables.

Mobile Alerts: Don’t waste precious time searching for your customers. Notify your guests via text or voice mail the moment their party is ready to be seated.

Easy Reservation Management: Sync reservations in real-time regardless of the platform on which they were made.

Customizable: The Guest List system is completely customizable to the front-of-house procedures that are unique to your restaurant.

Added Value: Mobile App Integration

Guest List provides your restaurant with increased flexibility, not only for your hosts but your customers too! Download the app on your tablet POS so that your hosts have mobile access to features that identify innovative seating arrangements during the business part of the day. Additionally, your customers can download the mobile app to make online reservations, and check the status of their wait time.