Gift Card Solutions

Attract New Customers, Retain Existing Ones with Digital & Traditional Gift Cards

Evergreen Point of Sale offers a variety of gift and loyalty solutions through Heartland, including Gift and Reward + Loyalty, that help your restaurant grow both your customer base and your profits. Our cloud-based solutions easily integrate into your point of sale (POS) software allowing for setup that is fast and easy. Research shows that gift cards remain the most popular item on wish lists for a decade and counting, and gift card holders typically spend 40% more than a card’s face value. Incorporating a gift card solution into your POS is the fastest way to help boost profits and introduce new customers to your restaurant through your best patrons. Our solutions help you efficiently manage gift and loyalty card programs allowing you to grow your business without increasing time spent on day-to-day operations.

Business Benefits


Gift and loyalty solutions seamlessly integrate with your POS software for consolidated processing.


Pull reports that help target promotions for turning good customers into your most loyal customers.


Cloud storage protects customer information as well as the business data vital to managing gift balances and customer rewards.

Evergreen’s gift and loyalty solutions provide the robust features necessary to a successful program, from implementation and marketing, to industry-leading security and reliability.

Customized Gift Cards: Allows your restaurant to build your brand with a variety of templates and designs.

Fraud prevention: Customers can easily register cards and track balances; magstripe-based cards offer built in prevention of fraudulent activity.

Reward Program Options: Load-based and points-based spending options capture both high and low frequency customer types, providing the highest program optimization for your business.

Cloud Hosted Solution: All gift card and loyalty card data is stored securely in the cloud so that if something should compromise your hardware, your customers’ card balances, points and rewards are protected.

Easy Integration of Traditional and Digital Cards

Evergreen’s gift and loyalty solutions integrate both traditional and digital card types, helping your restaurant build brand awareness and drive customer engagement inside your establishment and online. Sell traditional magstripe-based cards at your restaurant (with option to reload) for your patrons who prefer a tangible card for themselves or as a gift. At the same time, offer digitally branded cards on your website and even on Amazon, without any additional order fulfillment or labor cost.