Customer Facing Display

More Ways for Consumer Self Pay – EMV Chip Cards, Gift Cards, & NFC Mobile Wallets such as ApplePay

Reduce wait times in the line by adding a customer facing payment device that supports Chip Card processing and Mobile Wallets with NFC, such as ApplePay, making it quick and easy for your customers to pay. When it’s time for payment, customers will be prompted to insert their credit card, eliminating the need to hand the credit card to the cashier for payment. The guest interacts directly with the display to select a tip amount and sign on the iPad for signature capture. Your guest then has the option of choosing to email, print or decline a receipt.

Customer Facing Display Functionality is Built In!

Ensure Order Accuracy

The Customer Display works in tandem with the Heartland Restaurant POS system (HRPOS) showing guests a customer friendly version of what their cashier is doing. When a guest orders a meal, the display will show each item ordered with any additions or changes requested. The display also shows a running subtotal of the meal’s cost. One of the biggest benefits to the Guest Facing Display is an increase in order accuracy. Customers see their order in real time as it is added into the system and can request changes if any items are incorrect before the order is sent to the kitchen.