Heartland Restaurant Cloud POS

Heartland Restaurants’ cloud POS leverages the power, convenience, and simplicity of Apple’s iPad hardware along with cloud server technology to create a point of sale system re-envisioned for a variety of restaurant environments.

Point of sale software should provide a substantial return on your investment. Let us show you how Heartland Restaurants’ Cloud POS can increase your restaurant’s sales and profitability with minimum upfront expenses and a simple monthly fee.

Powerful Features

  • Point of sale with conversational ordering

  • Wifi and/or Ethernet connected

  • Native POS app continues to operate through Internet outages

  • Mobile responsive Online Ordering

  • Guest Engagement app for iOS and Android

  • Tableside ordering and payments with signature capture

  • Driver dispatch with turn-by-turn mapping for delivery

  • Host waitlist management with text messaging

  • Built-in time and attendance with photo verification

  • Electronic kitchen display (KDS)

  • Sophisticated and intuitive check splitting

  • Mobile responsive management website for setup and reporting

  • Out-of-scope credit card processing for MSR or EMV

Why Heartland Restaurant?

Cloud Management

Manage your restaurant with access to your data anytime, anywhere, from any device with Heartland Restaurants’ secure, easy to use website.

Two Tap Tickets

If your restaurant moves at a fast pace with single item orders, the Heartland Restaurant Two-Tap-Ticket functionality is right for you! Just tap an item, tap checkout, and swipe a card.

Tableside Ordering

Take orders and process payments using an iPad or iPad Mini with Heartland Restaurant POS. Servers can easily go up to customers and process orders tableside, providing faster service.

Guest Facing Display

Guest Display works in tandem with your Heartland Restaurant POS system, showing a customer friendly version of what their cashier is doing.

Advanced Check Splitting

Our simple, yet efficient check splitting allows servers to easily split checks by seat or evenly up to nine times with a single touch.

Host Waitlist

Keep track of guests from arrival through their order by managing your waitlist using our directly-integrated system, and send text messages to their phones when their table is ready.

Kitchen Ticket Display

With Heartland Restaurant KDS, orders are automatically sent to the kitchen from your servers with no paper trails and no wait times, minimizing confusion in the kitchen.

Table Maps

Customized room layouts helps organize your restaurant into rooms with our simple graphical layout tool.

Time & Attendance

Our robust timekeeping and employee management tools provide an employee time clock integration built right into the Heartland Restaurant POS system.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Heartland Restaurant POS is integrated directly with many major credit card processors’ gift programs. Load cards, accept cards for payments, and do balance inquires all without any separate hardware.

EMV Processing

EMV is the new chip card technology that offers a more secure way to pay and get paid. EMV significantly lowers your liability for chargebacks.

Delivery Dispatch

Heartland Restaurant POS allows you to easily manage your restaurant’s delivery operations. Our Delivery Dispatch system makes it easy to assign delivery orders and communicate delivery information to your drivers.

Guest Engagement App

Heartland Guest App is the customer companion app to Heartland Restaurant POS. Using iBeacon technology, your point of sale system can automatically greet and market directly to your customers’ smartphones.

Online Ordering

Our fully-integrated solution for accepting online orders directly on your POS gives your customers the ability to order from anywhere with a user-friendly interface styled to fit your brand.

Self Order Kiosk

You don’t have to be a large, national chain to be able to afford the benefits of kiosk ordering. Heartland Restaurants’ Self Order Kiosk is an in-store, customer facing interface that enables guests to place their own orders.

Failsafe Features

Cloud server technology is easier and less expensive for you and ensures that your business data is continuously backed up in a secure environment.

Caller ID

Connect your phone system to Heartland Restaurants point of sale customer database to know who is calling your restaurant to place an order.

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