Home Office: Off-site Management for Dinerware

Manage Your Dinerware System at the Restaurant or on the Road.

As a restaurant owner and operator, business doesn’t stop when you leave your establishment. It’s vital to have a management solution that provides both the remote access to the features and functions of your point of sale (POS) as well as the ability to access restaurant reporting across one location or many for greatest business visibility. That’s why Evergreen Point of Sale offers Heartland’s Home Office for Dinerware. This web-based management tool allows you to securely connect to your Dinerware system from anywhere with a web browser. No matter the time of day, no matter where you are, keep your business running, communicate with employees, and process real-time reports with Home Office.

Secure Connenction

Whether you sign in from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, your data is protected.

Off-site Access

All of Dinerware Manager’s features accessed anytime, from anywhere with a web browser.

Enhanced Visibility

Pull real-time reports from a central location across one or many locations.

Why is this right for me?

Home Office: Management of your day-to-day, and access to your restaurant reporting.

Off-site Access: Home Office provides a real-time, secure connection to your Dinerware POS system from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Multiple Locations: Access to all of your locations from a single, centralized point, for streamlined management of your restaurant enterprise.

Restaurant Reporting: Automatically generate reports to check-up on operations in real-time, or pull past business data. Schedule reports to be emailed to you automatically.

Menu and Promotions: Make changes to your menu, as well as promotional pricing, in real-time.

Your Business, Your Schedule

Evergreen Point of Sale knows how critical it is to manage your business on your schedule. Dinerware Home Office offers the flexibility to manage operations when it is convenient for you. However, that also means that when you need support, it could happen day or night. With Evergreen, you can have confidence that twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, our priority is keeping your business up and running.