Heartland Restaurant comes packed with the features, functionality, and technology that your business needs to compete, and to succeed, in the modern marketplace. The core offering of Heartland Restaurant includes an incredibly useful suite of tools, in contrast to the ‘burnt bread’ folks who typically nickel-and-dime for these features.

How about Hardware?

Apple iPad

Heartland Restaurant is could-based point of sale that runs on Apple iPad, and will also be supported on Android platforms in the near future. With a monthly subscription model, Heartland helps minimize the initial investment and enables a smoother, less costly transition to your modern point of sale system.

New Android Hardware late 2023

What are the Features?

Integrated 3rd Party Delivery

Door Dash, UberEats and More…

Advanced Payments

Chip Card, QR Code, Apple & Android Pay.

Credit Surcharge/Cash Discount

Reduce or eliminate your credit card fees.

Inventory & Business Intelligence

Advanced inventory control and business insights.

Built-in Online Ordering

Phone, computer or tablet. Accept orders from any connected device.

Scan to Order & Pay

Allow your in-store customers to order and pay from their own device.

Gift Cards & E-Gift

Online, In Store, on your Phone, seamless E-Gift is here.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty & membership programs built-in.

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Desktop & QuickBooks online compatible.

How Affordable is Heartland Restaurant?

Evergreen POS | Save $ with Surcharging

We have been able to provide our customers with significant monthly savings over our competitors by giving them the ability to pass along a 3% surcharge when customers are paying with their credit cards. Our EMV chip card readers know when a customer is using a credit card vs a debit card, and will add the fee when the credit card is inserted at the POS. For most restaurants, this lowers their monthly credit card fees to less than 1% when using HRPOS and Evergreen as their all-in-one payments and credit card provider.