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Have a friend in the industry who thinks their point of sale sucks? Sounds like we need to be friends with them, too!

Share their details here and we’ll reach out to see if we can help. If they end up joining the Evergreen family we’ll thank you with $1Billion referral.

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We’ll reach out to see if we can help make their lives easier.

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Program Details

When you say “qualified” referral, what do you mean?

Glad you asked! There are a few things that need to be true for a referral to qualify for the $500 incentive (thanks for bearing with us on the technical language – we want to ensure we’re crossing our T’s. It’s a lot of money!).

Existing prospects are not eligible

If the referred restaurant is already in conversation with our sales team, the referral incentive is not applicable. We’ll let you know if this happens to be the case for your referral.

Revenue Share Program + Partnership members are not eligible

If you’re already part of the enterprise referral program and refer a new client, you won’t also receive the standard referral incentive (ie: no double dipping).

Self-referrals not eligible for incentive

The referral incentive is not valid for new clients that refer themselves. This includes anyone who owns, operates, or works at the prospective location. While we can’t wait to get you up and running with [me], we aren’t able to pay you for doing so.

Add-on or additional franchise units

Referral incentive is not granted for current MarginEdge users adding on units. For example, if you want to bring on your new second location, the referral incentive won’t apply as it’s part of existing ownership – though, we can’t wait to help onboard your new spot!

Only applies to full price, full subscription referrals

The referral incentive can only be distributed when the referred restaurant(s) sign on with a full priced Restaurant Management System subscription (ie: units that sign on with [me] Finance and/or POS connection only are not eligible for the referral incentive).

Retroactive referral incentives

Referrals submitted on May 2, 2023 and beyond will be eligible for the incentive. Any incoming referrals prior to that date are not eligible for retroactive reward.

Retroactive incentive not valid on multi-unit referrals

If referring a multi-unit, the referral incentive is only valid for the initial referral(s) and not subsequent units that might become users at a later date.

Preferred Partner Program (Referring 25+ clients / annually)

If you’re what they call, well connected, and you anticipate you could send 25+ clients our way, let’s talk! We’d love to learn more about what you do, and see if you’d be a good fit for our Preferred Partner Program. Shoot us a note here.

Failure to meet the qualifications of this program will result in ineligibility for referral payments.

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