For years, restaurateurs around the world have been using pay-at-the-table technology to help reduce fraud and improve service quality. The U.S. traditionally has lagged behind in adopting this technology but the EMV liability shift and increased use of mobile wallets by consumers has up-heaved this trend. Now, with the latest developments in EVM reader technology, it’s easier than ever for restaurants to implement a pay-at-the-table solution.

Why Pay-at-the-Table?

Pay-at-the-table helps restaurants make more money.

With pay-at-the-table technology, staff can turn tables faster and serve more guests over the course of each day. Normally, it can take 15 to 20 minutes from when a server brings a check to when the payment is completed and the table can be cleared. Pay-at-the-table solutions allow the bill to be settled immediately; significantly reducing the time it takes for servers to turn the table.

Pay-at-the-table solutions improve customer service.

It’s no secret that customers don’t like to be kept waiting. Oftentimes, they have places to be and would much rather pay and be on their way than sit and wait for their check to be collected and their card to be run through the EMV reader.

EMV Wireless Integration with Dinerware. No more cables!

The development of wireless EMV readers makes adopting the pay-at-the-table model as easy as it is quick. Wireless readers have eliminated the logistical mapping nightmare of running cords throughout your restaurant in order to connect hardware to the POS. Additionally, processing payments through wireless EMV readers at the table protect both your business data and your customer’s payment information. Customers are more wary than ever about handing over their cards. With pay-at-the-table, payments are processed within view of the customer and the card never leaves the table.

Wireless EMV Terminal Options

Evergreen offers terminals that free restaurants and bars from the “one-size-fits-all” PIN pad option.

PAX D210



  • Designed for the server to take the guests payment right at the table
  • For restaurants processing with Heartland Secure
  • Reliable, remarkable performance
  • Designed for comfort and convenience
  • Connects to a wide range of existing and new smart devices




  • Allows guests to control the payment process with a device left at the table
  • Built-in EMV so no extensions are necessary
  • Exceptional battery life lets you go wireless for up to 8 hours
  • Built-in printer lets customers opt for print, email, or text receipts
  • Dual screens allow visibility for both your servers and your customers


TableSafe RAIL 

RAIL Demo Order Summary plus Green LED behind 6000 x 4000

  • Designed to be left at the table allowing the guest to control the entire payment process
  • Provides immediate customer feedback through a seamless survey during the payment process with an 85% response rate
  • Fully integrated with leading POS systems avoiding the inherent security risks of connecting through a software bridge or third-party application


Simplicity and Security for Your Business

Too often, restaurants put all their effort on greeting, seating, and serving quickly, but neglect speed and efficiency when it comes to the end of the dining experience. This can have disastrous effects, as this will be the last impression guests have when they leave your business and can determine whether or not they return. Even if their entire experience up until that point has been great, it can quickly go south when a check takes too long and customers have somewhere else to be. Additionally, pay-at-the-table technology allows you to easily accommodate splitting checks and tip processing, which brings more flexibility and convenience to the payment process, and gives your customers a better overall experience.

How Pay-at-the-Table Can Help You

To learn more about pay-at-the-table payment processing and whether your processor is compatible with these solutions, contact Evergreen Point of Sale.

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